DIY SkyHD - HD Sub requires phoneline or not?


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HI Guys,

If I bought my SkyHD Box from ebay (but decided to subscribe to SkyHD service afterwards) would I still have to have the box connected to the phone line or not ? (as I didn't buy the box from sky).

I've got a Sky+ box at the moment (bought off ebay a few years back) and I got Sky+ functionality for free as I subscribe to Sky Sports World, and also didn't have to connect the box to the phone line.

Many THanks,


PS. I have been offered a better deal by my independent installer (hence will definitely need the box wired into the phone line), hence I have to decide to go via the installer (£149) or buy my own box on ebay (£192)....


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i did it the ebay route , and apart from the first time i turned it on ive not had mine connected to a phone line, every now and then it does tell me that im missing out on the full range of interactive games but like you i dont use them anyway so all is ok

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