DIY SG HTM-12 Build


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Dec 6, 2008
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I've just placed an order for three HTM-12 from Erich. There will be a slight delay while Matt sends the crossover boards to him before they're sent to my shipito address.

This will be my build thread...
Awesome, good choice.
Looking forward to this
The speakers should be arriving at Shipito today. Looks like they will take 4-9 days to ship based on the quote. $200 shipping. Package sizes:

Weight 49 lbs / 22.23 kgs
Dimensions 28x21x12 inch

Weight 20 lbs / 9.07 kgs
Dimensions 20x16x15 inch

My Dad dropped off my new table saw today too, Aldi special!
Just curious, is that just for the speaker kits, ie no flatpacks?
These were delivered to Shipito a couple of days ago but not appeared in my dashboard yet, complained to them and waiting for them to sort themselves out. Frustrating first experience using them.
That's annoying. What options did you pick ie opening packs for pictures etc.

Mine were in my dashboard the day after they arrived. Fingers crossed won't be long.
All I've done to date is fill out the expected package / customs in "Expected Packages". I haven't had the parcel logged in there to even request pictures.
Shipito have found them, currently actioning my photo requests. This box looks to have the three Eminence Deltalite drivers.


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Shipito are giving the worst service ever. Paid in full for the shipping Friday morning and it's since sat in their warehouse for 3 days with no movement. Spoke to their CS yesterday and was told it would ship yesterday, no such luck! What a sham.
Any news?
Yes shipito finally passed them on to TNT a day ago at the second time of asking what was going on. Just waiting for the tracking to go live and hopefully they'll take 4 days.

I've got some 24inch clamps, corner clamps, gorilla glue, speaker wire, wadding and wool purchased ready. Should probably get up to wickes and get some MDF!
The speaker kits arrived at Heathrow this morning. I should have them in my hands on Friday although won't be able to unwrap them until Sunday due to commitments.

Some of the capacitors were missed from the crossover kits but they have arrived at work today.

Along with... crossover boards from Joe. These are proper circuit boards and look bloody good. photos coming later :)
When I posted on AVSForums Joe (username ja00) contacted me asking if I was interested in testing out some crossover boards for him, they arrived today after a quick trip across from the US.

They are the same boards whether HTM-10 or HTM-12. They are really good quality and I'm looking forward to getting them built, hopefully at the weekend.



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The tracking says released by customs. I haven't had any paperwork to pay yet. yet...
My wife's cousin built me a sub using a Eminence driver many years ago and my son is still using it at his house and it still sounds great. Very well build considering the amount of punishment it has taken.


I'm excited about getting them built. They arrived at work this morning and the boxes look in good nick considering they've come across the pond so hopefully all is okay.
Unboxed the parts last night. Very well packed and everything has made its way across without damage.


12" drivers:


I spent this afternoon sat on my bum... soldering crossovers:


All three done:


Waveguides are assembled:
Saw your post over on AVS, and thought I'd better pop over here and take a look see.

I already have a bunch of 2nd hand MK stuff to use initially in my build, but am seriously considering DIY'ing later on - especially now that Eric has released these HTM models.

Did you ever get a bill from Customs? Just wondering how much shipping is going to cost me all-in - while I could have stuff delivered to a hotel in the States, it'd still be a PITA to get them up here to Northumberland given the baggage restrictions we have.

Looking very good so far, can't wait to see how the boxes go together!
I've had nothing! There was a packing slip stuck to the box with total cost of goods plus shipping at just over $1000. No contact from TNT or customs so far, either via email or post.

I bought some MDF at the weekend but my garage light is on the blink so will have to try and find some time amongst Xmas festivities - unfortunately that might not be until the 28th.
Ive finally built my table saw and have done some cuts but I need more MDF. The rail guide on the table is awful so need to sort that.

Hope you had a productive break. Looking forward to seeing an update.

Happy new year.

Happy new year Minty!

No progress to report I'm afraid. I've spent my time Christmas-ing and also building a wood store from scratch as our logs were sat out on a pallet getting soaked.

Now the garage is clearer I can work out a new guide rail for the table saw and get the boxes put together. I did buy some more MDF from Wickes whilst I was there.
C'mon, no pressure but we're all watching and waiting :)

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