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Hello just purchased my first LCD pj (panny 200). Budget a bit tight so was going to have a go at building a screen myself....just wondered if anyone has any diy instructions...website...pics of how to make one...cheers....one more thing what is the quality of a diy screen compared to a bought one.....cheers


Do a search on the AVS forum as their are loads of articles on DIY screens. www.avsforum.com
The quality of the screen will be down to your workmanship and skills building it.



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...................... or you could try the link in the FAQ................

Sean G.


Probably best in the screens forum that being said a homemade screen is a doddle to make.

Dry Kiln battening from B&Q. Cut to length mitreing the ends, decided on a 7ft by 4ft screen.
This is it laid out on the kitchen floor, a dry fit before screwing together.

This is the frame screwed together and stood up, I considered putting in central battons for further stability but decided not to and keep the weight down!

The blackout material bought from a local haberdashery laid out on the room floor and the frame laid on top, then its simply a case of starting in the middle of one long edge and pulling the fabric round the frame and stapling (or tacking in my case) the fabric to it, then over to the opposite side pull it tight and fix there then over to the other side etc etc, just making sure the fabric is flat, taut and with no wrinkles in it!!

And finally its up on the wall, modern art!!!

Total cost £25 :thumbsup:


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cheers ritz..........just the job m8t..
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