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Nov 14, 2003
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I'm about to make a 108" (9') wide screen for my HS20 projector.

Could someone help with 2 questions:

1. What height should the screen be?

16:9 = 108" x 60.75"


1.85:1 = 108" x 58.38"

2. What gain should the fabric be? (Harkness Hall do something called 'Perlux 140', with gain=1.4, is this suitable?)
For LCD projectors you are better off sticking with 1:1 - 1.2:1
Aspect ratio wise you want 16:9 - 1.78:1 (sometimes called HDTV by US manufactuers). A 1.85:1 screen will be slighty too wide.
ReTro, do you mean too narrow? ( a 1.78:1 screen will be nearly 2.4 inches wider than a 1.85:1 screen, won't it?)
No, if you keep the same height the width will be larger for a 1.85:1 image. As you indicated in your first post, to get the same width you have had to reduce the height of the 1.85:1 image
This is probably hijacking the thread a little but here goes...

I'm planning on building my own 16:9 screen (1.83m x 1.03m I think) and am planning on purchasing the Philips Bogart Matchline projector.

Can anyone give me a suitable supplier of screen material for those dimensions please? I have seen both white and grey screens in a showroom and preferred the grey although I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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