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Hi guy, 1st post on a forum. Sorry for long post. I am converting my front room into a dedicated home cinema. Dimensions are 3.5m(138inches) x 3.3m (130inches) x height 2.8m (112 inches). I have read allot about room treatment and multiple subs. What I need is advice on whether my plan is on the right track or just bonkers.
The plan, stage 1 in each corner I want to build a bass trap column 13inches x 13 inches floor to ceiling, layer 3 rock wool slabs (each 3 inches thick) in it with a gap for activated carbon, leaving a 1 inch gap between side and rear wall. The mid section of the bass trap column will disguise/hold a down firing alpine type r 12 subwoofer. Column will be covered in caira fabric.( still trying to figure how I secure it to the wall). Stage 2 triangle shaped bass traps across ceiling corners just with rockwool, about 28 inches wide with gaps left for front and rear height speakers. Entire trap covered in caira fabric. Stage 3, 6 rock wool acoustic panels 47 x 24 x 3 inches for placement behind & side of front and side speakers. Stage 4 behind sofa head height, a 24 x 24 skyline diffuser and 2 24 x 24 absorbers, panel will also hide rear speakers. Again sorry for long post.
Equipment behringer a500 for front wharfedale 230s, marantz 7012 powering wharfedale 230s side surrounds, 4 x 220s for heights, wh-sr1 back speakers and 220c centre. 4 alpine types r 12s 500 rms powered by ep4000. Any help or advice would be massively appreciated I am dreading putting it all together, spending loads of money and it does not sound good.

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