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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by ibster, Feb 28, 2003.

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    I went and bought some blackout cloth and a roller blind kit yesterday and made a screen, finished product wasnt bad, but here are my tips and observations for anyone else trying to make one;

    When you buy the cloth get it rolled and not folded, the creases are still there on the screen and although they are not that bad they can still be seen.

    When you cut the cloth the write size, cut a piece frome the middle of the cloth, i cut mine from one end and when i hung it up i was 8" out form top to bottom so it was 6ft at the top and 5 ft 4 at the bottom, i was cheesed off to say the least.

    The cloth does curl at then ends but only slightly, this doesnt really cause a big issue if your picture size is slightly smaller then the screen size.

    The picture itself is a lot brighter, i have only tried it via svid so far and the picture was good, not brilliant but the transfer needs to be good.

    No screendoor was evident from about 10 ft back on a 6ft screen, there was no vertical banding either which surprised me.

    The drop on the cloth was 54", i hung it near the top of the ceiling behind an arch in a bay so it is completely hidden away. I use the ae100 from a footstool and i needed to raise the front legs by a lot to make the picture project onto the screen properley due to itbeing so high up, this in turn needed a lot of keystone correction as well which is not good. I cannot ceiling mount as i use the projector in my attic/office as well ;-) with my pc, also there is a big light fitment in the way.

    I didnt out the bottom bar on yet as i'd need to sew a pocket and im not that good with a needle. I also have not made a black border yet but was wondering whether i could use some black masking tape or should i paint one on due to the tape effectively increasing the thickness of the blind.

    Final thoughts, im glad i gave it a go and will wait and see if the creases dissapear and also try to raise my projector so i can reduce keystone correction. The PQ was ok but i need to try other sources. I tried Pearl Harbour and that looked good, Toy Story 2 looked even better, i think im gonna use the rest of the cloth to make a fixed wooden screen for the attic and see if the cloth being taught makes a big difference.

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