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Here's the problem. Paint manufacturers usually have some sort of wonky way of measuring their paint values. IIRC, I believe that even the PPG numbers for Bermuda Beige were very much different than what I measured. If that is where the numbers came from in the avs post, the manufacturer, then I wouldn't trust them. Custy and I went through a very painstaking process of testing many different paints to get this right. And s0907-Y70R has been proven to be correct in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

Stick to the formula. Unless of course you wish to test it and send me samples. We may have even tested this already. You'd have to check at the start of the thread though.


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ok we stick on your findings thanks.
went to 3 places for the paint today one only had 2.5lt other didnt have any 3rd could`nt find it on the system.
right where can one get a board from thats 85"x53" for a 100" screen we love to get it to 120" if we could but sadly window gets in the way and low ceiling.
btw the pj is optoma gt750 and at 3500 lumens(it`s bright) mainly for games and few movies a week.
Have been having a good read of this thread but I still have some questions, be appreciated if anyone could help me out :)

I plan to paint my manual pulldown 92" screen as I notice sparkles in bright scenes as well as all my walls and ceiling are white......... Regards painting my screen will I need to prime it first? if so can you tell me what primer I will need to buy?

I have read the ratio is 1-4 can you advise how much I will need to paint my 92" 16.9 screen please so am not over spending

One last thing is there a certain type of roller that will = an amazing smooth finish?

Thanks so much !! :)!!!

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The minimum amount of paint you can buy is 1ltr and 1 x 120ml of AAA. So you could mix 480ml of the paint with the one bottle of AAA, I'm pretty sure you would have enough for your screen. But for the sake of an addition £12 or so, you could mix up all of the paint with 2 x 120ml of AAA and have plenty.

As far as painting a pull down screen, I'm not sure how you would get on with the paint cracking etc when you roll it up. Can you convert your screen to a fixed?
Well my manual screen is always down so there is no need for rolling it up. I plan to do a DIY tab tensioned of it to pull it tight and flat before painting

Am I the only one or heard of person painting BW on a manual screen?

As I have said I was planning to chuck it! so may as well give painting it a go

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Mines a manual screen that I plan to paint so cant use that, but thanks!

Can someone tell me or link me a roller that will give a really nice clean flat finish when painting ?

Then am good to go !!!!!!!


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Hi, I am in the process of extending the house and will have a 2.4m2 cinema room. The decorators are in as we speak and all walls throughout will have 2 coats of white emulsion as a base coat.

After reading through the thread, I'm slightly confused as to whether I would achieve best results painting the 4:1 mix straight onto the walls, or onto a canvas / mesh.

Could someone clarify please?

Also, has anyone found a dealer who will mix and deliver according to the recipe?

My projector is a JVC D-ILA HD100 which is approx 600 lumens. The room will be light controlled (black out blinds) and dark wall paint, plus sound treated (in time). Source will be typically Bluray from the PS3 with Meridian Audio processing.

<edit>I have a sample of Project X paint. If anyone has a smidge of BWUK they could spare, I am happy to paint up a side by side comparison and post the results.

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Maybe you (mechman and custard10) could simplify everything for users by synchronizing and replacing top of your first posts with the same clear and short information with images and links... or even create unified page on Wikipedia with only necessary information, like below. Useful information is drowning between other posts with comments and confusing people. Example:

---------------------------- Wikipedia ----------------------------

&#8220;Black Widow US&#8221; and &#8220;Black Widow EU&#8221; is an open source project, led by mechman (US) and custard10 (EU), to create paint mix for projection screen from easily accessible materials all over US and EU, which could outperform even some expensive commercial projection screens.

&#8220;Black Widow US&#8221; - projection screen paint mix version for US
1 quart (946ml) of &#8220;Valspar Ultra Premium Super Flat Finish&#8221; tinted (PPG Pittsburgh Paints color code: 427-2 Bermuda Beige) paint from Valspar.
8 oz (227ml) of &#8220;Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine&#8221; (4101) paint from Createx Auto Air Colors.

&#8220;Black Widow EU&#8221; - projection screen paint mix version for EU
4 parts (960ml) of &#8220;Johnstone's Covaplus Vinyl Matt Finish&#8221; tinted (NCS color code: S 0907 Y70R) paint from Johnstone's or Leyland Trade. Buy online
1 part (240ml) of &#8220;Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine&#8221; (4101) paint from Createx Auto Air Colors. Buy online


Recommended painting techniques, tools, materials and technical characteristics
Spray paint with HVLP paint spray guns like &#8220;Bosch&#8221; or &#8220;Wagner&#8221;. If paint is too thick, you can dilute mix with water up to 20%. You can mix paint with paint mixer attachments for drills. Various black tapes can be used for screen borders...


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Could we also include typical coverage (based on a 2 coat approach) for varying screen sizes and application type? A simple table should suffice.


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I had a problem finding the NCS S 907 Y70R, and got a very close match to both that and the Bermuda Beige from Hornbach's 50.06.01 (RGB values E7CFC5).

Hornbach's paints are available across the continental Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and many eastern European countries.

If anyone is interested in doing a spectrographic analysis, I can provide samples.
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