DIY projector ceiling mount or ready made?


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I have seen the posts in the FAQ concerning DIY projector mounts but they're a few years old now and most of the pictures and links are dead.

So has anyone made one in the last few months?

If so, what materials, design did you use?

Alternatively, what is a good shop bought one?

LMP do one for £100, ChaseAvDirect do one for £64 and AV4 do one for £55.
Are any of these and good and are there any others I should consider?
I discounted the Vogel due to some posters claiming they are difficult to adjust.


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Brogan said:
I discounted the Vogels due to some posters claiming they are difficult to adjust.
hello Brogan

I used the Vogel mount and had the minor problem that most mention on the forums, as long as you tighten the nut in the centre BEFORE you attach your PJ (I didn't :rolleyes: ) it will be fine. Mine is now rock solid and for £60 odd quid :thumbsup:



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Thanks for that.
Just to confirm, does the Vogel have swivel, tilt and yaw adjustment - in all 3 planes?


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I did consider making my own as I still have the materials left from making my speaker brackets.

However, I want to get it up by this weekend and I don't have time to make one until next week so I went for the Vogel.

It looks the smartest of all the mounts I've seen and at £55 it seemed rude not to :D
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