DIY Party Speakers - How to


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Friend has a pair of rather large Soundlab speakers (PA-System style) with 15" Subs.

Cost him £250 (Including amp).

He's looking at upgrading and is quite good at building things.

He's looking to build a set of large speakers with larger sound.

Any advice on cabinet design?

Speaker sizes? - two 12's per cabinet, or 1x 15?, mids, horns, tweeters

Thickness MDF?

How-many-way crossovers?

Each cabinet can be up to 5ft tall.

He mixes mostly Hard Dance & electronic if that helps



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Go for 2 x 12" subs per cabinet, I've built my own in the past but was quite a few years ago. If he does go for 2 subs in the same box they have to be separated inside.
Put mastic round all the joins in the wood and have nice big ports for the air to escape.
If i think of anything else i'll let you know :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the info Londondecca,
Wilmslow kits look a bit expensive for the power for what my friend is looking for. Suspect budgt is about £500 to £750
Really looking for huge speakers, say about wdh in cm of 60x60x130 or so.

DIY Audio looks great and the Wilmslow cabinet design seems to be well-priced & what we need.



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