DIY Party sound: how to connect multiple speakers, amateur question


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We just started throwing some home parties with my 15 or so friends, and I'm thinking of the optimal audio setup to play bass-heavy electronic dance music.

We just bought a Sony GTK-xb60 active speaker just for this purpose which is good, but not awfully good. Would like to improve both lower end and higher end.

Not wanting to buy lots of stuff I had an idea, and I'm not sure how crazy it is:

  1. Use a guitar amp as a subwoofer to make use of its 12" speaker as opposed to the 5" woofers in the Sony.
  2. Use my home stereo system (2x30W, 4" speakers, Marantz amp) to improve higher end.
So do you think using three different speakers will be a step up compared to one speaker? Would it be a good idea to separate frequencies, so lower end goes to the guitar amp, mids to the Sony and highs to my home stereo?

If so, what kind of device I need to connect 3 different speakers? All 3 of them have their dedicated amps. Would it be a sound card with 3 outputs? If so, how do I separate frequencies, is there a reliable software solution for that? Or do I need a different device such as mixer or crossover?

Thank you in advance.


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It's going to sound like garbage. Guitar amps are not subs, as a they are designed to reproduce the frequencies from a guitar. It will just make the sound muddy.

Using 30w hi-fi speakers and a domestic amplifier will probably just result from it blowing up. Even if you use some sort of active crossover the potential for damage remains.

If you want loud, full range EDM, look at some disco speakers and a couple of pa system subs - all driven from a professional amplifier or 2. These can generally be picked up on Facebook marketplace for very little money as the previous owner will be trying to cover their fines for breaking COVID lockdown or noise abatement...

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