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We recently got our bathroom done up and as we have an old house we got a plaster ceiling rose made up and put on the ceiling.

I discussed with the guy who installed it how to paint it, asking if sealants, undercoats and/or primers were required. He told us nothing like that should be needed. Now I can only say he is a bit rough and ready but really good at what he did so we took his advice and painted it with just few coats of the same emulsion paint we used on the ceiling.

However I noticed recently when doing something close to the light and ceiling rose on a ladder that the ceiling rose was covered in, what I can only described as, tiny paint balls or paint flakes.

Now in recent days/week or so the paint has cracked an now it is falling off the ceiling rose.

I am wondering what the best approach is here. My thoughts at the moment are:

1) take damp cloth to ceiling rose and wipe the majority of paint flakes of the rose.

2) very lightly sand where paint has cracked and/or flaked off.

3) use a supergrip undercoat (I have a tin from when I had some gloss corniced and worked a treat).

4) Apply emulsion paint again.

Is this the best approach or should I be thinking of doing something else?


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Sorry here are some pics:


Hopefully you can see the balls or flakes I am talking about.


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May not be related but I recently decorated two bedrooms, identical methods, paint and filler products - one was fine and one had a problem.

The emulsion paint over the decorator’s filler on all four corners crazed when dry. No such problem in the other room (and many projects before that), same products though it may have been a fresh tube of filler. I thought that another coat on the corners would solve the problem, looked good at first but when fully dried it crazed again. Tried four coats with the same result.

In the end my wife decided we should leave it, the crazing is only apparent close up and we needed to get the room finished for the carpet fitting.

Never seen anything like it, I can only assume that the batch of filler had some contaminant that was reacting with the paint.

I suspect a similar thing is happening with your ceiling rose. In your position I would try to stabilise the surface of the rose - I’d try stripping off flakey paint, wash down with sugar soap or isopropyl, then some acrylic primer, and finally emulsion.

In my mind that would eliminate paint flaking because of contamination or lack of adhesion.



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