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First Post!

I thought about putting this in General Discussion, but then I thought I is a *bit* of a DIY project! If it's in the wrong forum I apologise! A mod can move it anyhow ;)

There's a Flash utility on the internet that you can use to "Rasterbrate" images. I've decided to rasterbrate one of my favourite actors in one of my favourite films to put on the wall in my up and coming HT.

The image below shows the original picture, and with a bit of cropping what the PDF looks like, Its 16 pages all together, I'm going to print them onto photo paper (I have loads!) and have frameless A4 frames for £1.39 each.
I'll post a pic when they're all printed and layed out.

The Rastebration website is -

It would be cool to see some of your creations!!! Enjoy!



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Originally posted by eviljohn2
That's a really clever way of getting a unique big picture.

Would the printer have to go right up to the edges of the paper though?
On the laser printer in work there is a small 5mm or so gap around the edges, not sure what it will be on my hp 990c at home till I try. But a workmate printed one the other day and we set it out on the floor in the server room and it looks excellent, I think part of the effect is the bordering too, and with each one in a frame you'd set the frame apart about an inch each too. All adds to the effect!

EDIT : This is what it looks like on cheapy paper and printed on the LaserJet in work



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thats a great idea...hmm gots me thinking...


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This is the final version.
I've addedd the original picture to the top and the title to the bottom using Photoshop



Thats a great site, Thanks:smashin:

Shame it can't do colour, That would be even better!

Mickey Mouse

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You can do these in colour - you just need the software to do it.

I use photoshop, Streamline and Freehand to get a similar effect and then print them out on my 42 inch wide format printer.

Mickey Mouse :thumbsup:


I've also made some custom images using the Alien 3D plug in for Photoshop, these look great when printed from aan ultra high res image file


I think PaintShop Pro 8 can split imagesas well.

Just wondered if it takes up a lot ink. Looks good, u could probably do a whole wall therefore replacing wallpaper.

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