diy macrovision cable



This might not be true and I will try to find out more, but apparently, macrovision is passed through only one pin on the scart cable.

If you disconnect the pin, problem solved!?!!!


Will look into this as I can't remember where I heard it!


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Doesn't sound lilkely. Macrovision is added to the video signal and becomes embedded within it.

How it works: Every video signal frame consists of more lines than are used for picture. eg PAL has 625 lines of which 576 are used for picture.

The rest are used for other things Eg signals that guide the TV as to the start and end of each frame). This extra area is called the blanking interval.

What macrovision does is hugely increase and decrease the brightness of part of the blanking interval. Normally, this does not affect TVs, but it DOES affect VCRs because they have an automatic gain control in them. When they see a very bright signal, they turn the overall brightness down to compensate.

This results in your recorded signal varying in brightness, to such an extent that it becomes unwatchable.

To remove macrovision, you have to replace the blanking interval with a 'clean' one. It can't be done with a simple cable.

Back to Stave's response - yes, it does come down only one wire in a Scart. The same wire as the picture. Has to be. It's part of the picture signal. Disconnect it and you remove macrovision, and the picture, too.

pat clancy

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hi nigel and stace,thanks for your replies,i would like to tape the dvds i rent,so naturally i was curious if i could remove macro with a diy cable,well it seems i need to buy a proper macro busting scart,cheers again,pat

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