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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by inzaman, Jan 3, 2007.

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    This is the official AV Forums DIY FAQ thread. If you have contributions to make please send me a PM and i will collate the information into the main FAQ. In addition if you find any old threads which you think are essential reading please reply with their details (preferably a link) so we can include them in the list. I will then start to incorportate those into one thread so we have a neat and tidy area of essential links and answers. Thanks :smashin:

    FAQ Index

    General Information
    The DIY forum is mainly for Home Cinema Room self build projects and help and assistance with those. It does however include other DIY related items, examples are chasing walls, mounting FP displays, and speakers etc. It does not cover general queries or advice on particular a/v equipment etc, for help on anything specific like that please post in the relevant section of the forums as opposed to this area.

    Plugs Sockets and switches
    Plug sockets and light switches | AVForums

    Detailed Floating Shelves Thread
    A thread detailing how to create floating shelves can be found

    Members HC conversions
    Various links to various forum members conversions. These threads should give you some idea as to the type of work and effort involved in a successful conversion, but as i am sure you will agree the end results are worth it. :smashin:

    Garage Conversions


    Cellar Conversions

    Room Conversions

    False and Floating Wall Installs

    Completed Projects Showcase
    You've put the effort in and are pleased with result so why not showcase the completed article is the Members' Home Cinema Gallery | AVForums
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