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I've been projecting onto a wall for a month or two now and whilst happy enough with the image have decided it's time to try and improve on it if I can.
I have ordered some of AAA fine paint from SM designs and was toying with the idea of stretching some canvas onto an 8x4 piece of wood, painting and then mounting that on my wall.

My question is: Would there be any point in trying to achieve a slight curve like some of the anamorphic screens I see some people using? I do notice the image not being as bright towards the edges and have read that the curve can help with this. If it is a good idea, how exact does the curve need to be? Would I get away with something as ghetto as just sticking 2x4s at the edge of the wall underneath the wood to force it out?

The projector is ceiling mounted around 12ft away from a wall which gives a screen which is around 8ft by 4ft. Heres a very dodgy video to give an idea of the dimensions.


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Although you may well be correct in theory, I rather doubt that going to all the trouble of making and mounting a curved screen will be worth it in practise.

When I was investigating good quality screens (I have a Beamax), I don't remember seeing any curved ones.

Unless of course, someone knows different... :)


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Hi. Cheers for replying. In the end I didn't bother and I'm half way through painting the wall with the black widow mix mentioned in another thread. Considering the amount of prep work I've ended up doing to the wall I don't think it would have been more trouble to make a screen but I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end!

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