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After years of negotiations with my better half she has finally agreed to me building a dedicated home cinema room, I am in the process of building a 8.5m x 5.5m Extension that will be used purely for movies and sports.

I am at the very start of my project in terms of design so hopefully some of you folks will help me along the way with some tips and advice.

I will be taking on the full project myself starting with extension. As this extension will be completed in around 4-6 weeks I have started to think about the design and required features etc. I may be jumping the gun at this stage but I would like to have the cinema room fully automated using Control 4 or something similar. I am not looking to control the entire house at this stage, just the cinema room and some of the things that I would like from this system are as follows:

- Automated blinds
- Lighting scenes (approx 5)
- Equipment control such as sky, sonos, ps4 etc
- Music, spotify, Tidal etc

As I am a total novice when it comes to Automation someone may tell me that some of these are not possible?

I don't have endless pots of money, hence why I am doing the entire project myself, so I guess my questions are as follows:

- If I can find someone to design the system, can I purchase the Control 4 products myself as well as wiring it myself also, I have an electrician who works for me and was hoping he could do all of the wiring.
- If this is possible then is there someone who will who will set up the software and sell any activation keys etc
- I am sure most Control 4 dealers are only going to want to designing/supplying etc but was hoping there was an alternative solution

If anyone has done a DIY system and feels that they can offer some advice I would be very grateful,

thanks all,

Keith in not so sunny Lancashire


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I've just been working with a group of 'AV guys' on a similar system to what you're looking for, just on a larger scale.
I'm an electrician, we did all the cable pulling for them, fit back boxes etc. When it comes to the actual setup of it all I'd have been at a total loss. Besides, I believe Control 4 has to be installed by a professional.
They're a company in Barrowford called NP Intergrated Technology, well worth a call if it's definitely Control 4 you want.
NP Integrated Technology | Integrated Technology

Joe Fernand

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Why 'want' to use a Control system which is not aimed at the DIY Market?

Look at an option which is DIY centric.


Joe Fernand

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Have a look at Global Cache hardware combined with iRule or some other Android/iOS DIY control App.

We use/supply the above - there are other Apps you could consider too.



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Thanks Joe, I will take a good look. When I finish my SketchUp design I will upload, thanks again,

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