DIY center speaker driver & tweeter suggestions?


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I'm building a center speaker for my home audio setup,
I'm looking for well matched driver & tweeter suggestions. looking to spend about £100-120 on drivers for the center speaker.

I'll just list my current setup-
sony x930 55" 4k hdr tv
well spec'd media PC
Yamaha RX-V667
craptastic eltax liberty pair for front
eltax holywood pair for rear

I am really missing the immersion that comes from a center and sub channel and finding it difficult to configure the quadphonic setup without everything just reverting to stereo.
I realise a good quality driver in the center speaker will possibly have a much better sensitivity than the rest of my budget speakers but I'm hoping to upgrade the drivers in the budged floorstanding eltaxs speakers as the cases are actually very nice and fit with my furniture.

Anyway I have purchased a nice antique oak box that with some modification will fit under my TV and house 4- 6" mid driver and 1 or 2 tweeters. The box looks pretty old and deserves a good quality drivers, I had a pair picked out months ago but never got round to buying them, I really don't have time to pour through all the freqency responce curves again and try find tweeters that match the midrange, I was hoping someone here would have done a similar project and could give me some suggestions. I'm interested in what sounds good and makes the vocals in films pop out.

Any ideas?

jason shep

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How about something like this ?10F/8424 & RS225-8 FAST Ref Monitor - diyAudio
This technique uses a wideband driver instead of a conventional tweeter, pushing the crossover between the drivers down to a less critical frequency.


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IPL Acoustics products are top notch and by this I mean unbelievably good. I'm using their AVC Pro-Centre though not cheap is incredible, it's built like a subwoofer in that it's 1 inch thick MDF.



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Luminated67, how easy was it to build the IPL Acoustics Centre?
If you have about 6 long clamps a bench to work on, sander and soldering iron then a doddle really. Just buy the complete kit which includes the pre cut MDF and the set of instructions which I might add are very good.

Sound wise it will blow you away, I mean seriously good and comparable to centre costing over a grand.

Here's mine



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No problem mate, it’s worthwhile giving Ian at IPL a ring if you are serious because he will suggest what’s best for your particular room and speaker placement.

The centre is one seriously heavy speaker, hit it with your knuckles and it’s just like hitting a subwoofer box.

If I knew then what I now know I would have build three of these. Can’t think of a better front sound stage.

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