DIY Cables


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After waiting 4 weeks for Maplin to deliver my solder I finally made some cables over the weekend.

I built a 5m subwoofer interconnect and a 1m mains cable, both of which look really good (admittedly the mains cable would look better if I'd bought braid that I could actually fit around the wires so it's "bare" with just heatshrink at the ends :rolleyes: ).

I was also going to make a 3.5mm -> 2phono but I managed to destroy the 3.5mm socket when I was making it. Felt a bit silly doing the continuity testing AFTER I'd sealed it up with heatshrink :blush:

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera to be able to show you with but I wanted to brag about it because I'm feeling very pleased with myself :cool:
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