DIY AV cabinet.


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After looking round for a cabinet for a small room and not finding anything I particularly liked I decided to make my own out of concrete blocks and timber.
The beauty of this is you can make it any size you want and it’s so simple.
I just need to connect and tidy the cables. Total cost £70.




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I actually love it. I've just shown my wife and surprisingly she likes it too :smashin: I might take a leaf from your book


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hear hear. I need a low standing DIY cabinet if I want to get a bigger sized tv underneath my fixed projector screen and this looks like a great way to go about it.

Did you use brackets or glue to join the timber ?


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Thanks, neither, it’s very heavy to move so I’ve have left everything loose up to now. The weight of the blocks is enough to hold everything solid and the top pieces of timber are loose as I hadn’t quite finished the set up and it was easier to just sit them on top, I think I’ll put a couple of batons underneath to tie them all together.
I’ve just installed my new SVS SB200 sub. The clock’s there as it’s hiding a high mounted plug socket that I need to sort out.
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