DIY 30x30 t-slot aluminium projector screen frame ?

peter batey

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first apologies if i have done this wrong . I was just looking into making a new screen .
i already have a wooden frame I made but after changing the material and trying different
coloured screens its starting to get a bit tatty (it must have had hundreds of staples in it
over the years) so I was wondering if anybody had tried to make a screen with t-slot
aluminium extrusion or anybody could give me tips on if it is possible
i have only seen one on youtube and it seemed very expensive !!
the price he paid he might as well buy a commercially made one
but you can't change the screen material (yes I like to tinker)
and the way he attached the screen didn't seem very efficient .
Is it possible ? ta.


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Thought about this too as I have tons of 40x40 at home from my racing sim builds.

If I were doing this I'd however screw sime wood onto the backside so I could staple it loke usual.

The advantage would be to have a rock solid frame. Alternatively you could just use some nut stones (not sure what's that in english) and screws and make ringholes into the screen cloth and pull it over the standing out screws..


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Hi, I have never heard of this stuff until reading this post. A few years ago I built a 96 inch 16 x 9 screen out of 7mm hardboard with a wooden frame, its painted with the black widow mix, dulex steel grey 2 and aaa aluminium graphic paint. This is for a Benq w1070 and works realy well giving great blacks and colours. However I have to set it up and take it down together with a couple of stands I made and it weights somewhat. Having looked at the youtube videos mentioned and then some research I was wondering about making a scope screen with 20 x 20 aluminium as it occured to me this may be lighter and with the fixings would be easier to constuct than wood, this would also need setting up and taking down after use. I would also go the spandex route. Does anyone think the 20 x 20 would be strong enough as I intend to split the horizontals and have a middle vertical. I liked the way the guy in the video used tubing to hold the spandex, Peters comments above seem to indicate better methods are available would anyone like to comment. Having looked into spandex it would seem the best combo is one layer of white over black and a mix of 80% nylon to 20% lycra but I have been unable to find any mention of what weight to use which goes from 170 to 240 gsm, I assume that the heavier the less the weave is visible, am I correct. Any other thoughts would be appricated.

peter batey

Novice Member
First of all thanks to you all for your input I was really going to go for this method.
But having bought a sample of 20x20 on amazon and trying different ways
to attach a screen material which I thought I had cracked with drop
in t-slot nuts (bberger -nut stones ??).
i sent an e-mail to a firm about supplying me the actual lengths I wanted
my e-mail was ignored completely, and this has really put me off the whole thing.
tingo i think it (the 20x20) would be rigid enough to hold the material
and once again thankyou for your interest

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