DIY 2-way speaker with Peerless woofer and SEAS tweeter - How do you design a Crossover?


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Hello AVF :)

I'm thinking about making a 2-way pair of bookshelves with the Peerless HDS 830874 6.5" PPB midwoofer (here is the spec sheet) and SEAS H1280-06 22TFF tweeter.

I've never built a speaker before. I'm thinking a crossover somewhere between 2.5-3.0 KHz? What is the relationship between capacitor and resistor values and the crossover value? I'm assuming I can just use someones crossover schematic if it produces a crossover value in that range.

With regards to the properties of the cabinet, I can use the Application Notes for that Peerless driver.
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Be prepared for a very steep learning curve if you're attempting this. There's lots of software available and you need some accurate measuring equipment. Having done this and been helped by someone very experienced and knowledgeable, I'm not sure I would do it again. It's just too complex with too many variables.

You can only use someone else's schematic if they have used the exact same two drivers in the same size/configuration box.


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It's not just capacitors and resistors, but inductors as well.

You can buy crossovers off the shelf - here's some: You could then tweak values if you wanted slightly different crossover frequencies, but the biggest change is usually changing the drive to the tweeter buy fitting a resistor in line. A couple of Ohms is all you need to reduce HF harshness.

Box design affects low end and this is based around the Thiele / Small parameters - which will give you the optimum box size for the driver. You can get quite creative with this and start thinking about transmission lines and isolated box enclosures. The basic volumes will be in the spec sheet, but it's worth playing with some different values.


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Unless you have a specific space to fill, it's probably far easier to go for moderately decent speakers that will cover your listening needs.
Manufacturers are all in competition, so have to work hard to give good-value and performance, within a Budget.

ALT is to buy end-of-line / Sale Items ( esp. if new model is available) - thus you get Quality and a low-price.
If you are good at carpentry and like to chance yr luck, then home-made speakers are likely to be nice to look at . . . but you'll never know if you are getting the best out of the Drivers.

However, even with expensive speakers, the room dimensions and furnishings have a great influence..... which most of us cannot change.

:_ not heard back, presume issue has been fixed?
FWIWI have 10" Peerless long-throw for Sub.... but the Peerless App.Note is rather thin on crossover details, I expect their 6.5" to be similarly lacking?
They suggest for sealed-box Sub-use, a filter with a steep 24dB/Octave - this implies something better than third-Order, which is not easy to find, let alone build yourself. As others have suggested you will need some Tech Gear and know how to use it.... So, my original comment re putting yr BUDGET into finished commercial speakers, . . . may still look like the easy way.
Folks at BK (Essex) have a range of Subs with the necessary power-Amps in-built . . . this maybe worth considering.... I think the smallest are 8" units....
Good Luck.
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