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    For my home cinema project upgrade this year, I have just got myself a second-hand anamorphic lens (an ISCO 2) and now I want to build myself a new widescreen to show it off.
    Does anyone out there have experience with an ISCO anamorphic set-up and what screen material do you use. I am looking at building a screen about 9ft 6 wide.
    Any advice would be most welcome. I don't really want to spend more than about £200 on the material. I have an IN76.


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    Hi Matt,

    I made a frame from wood and stretched/stapled some Draper M1300 (1.25 gain) screen material over it to get the image brightness I wanted, and was very pleased with the results.

    I also have an ISCO II and the whole set up worked well, which is why I will be doing the same thing again at my new house.

    With that width screen you will have a surface area of around 38.4 suare feet. If you divide that number into the actual lumen output of the pj, that will give you the reflectivity for a unity gain screen (multiply that number by the screens gain value if it has any). You should aim for around 12 (foot lamberts) for cinema levels of reflectance, and also consider how much the lamp will dim with age (so you may want something closer to 16fl). What you can do if your image is going to be too bright initially is to use an ND2 filter to dim the lumens by half, then as the lamp dims with age, you can remove the filter and get some brightness back.

    If the IN76 isn't going to be bright enough for that size screen, you may want to consider the high Power material. It's retro reflective so the pj needs to be sited close to head height - the closer it is the more gain you will get (max is around 2.8). You can get it from here:

    It works out around £374 though.


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