dixons xl cardiff



just been into the new dixons store in cardiff they have about 7 or 8 different plasma on show next to each to compare.

are some of the ones i remember, and some projection ones
alot of rp tvs and 100`s of crt its the most ive seen in one place well worth a look if you want to compare.
there prices are not that good though

ps. and they have about 20 lg plasma hooked up around the shop,
i went in there about 10am and about 1.30 pm today and they were displaying a static image the whole time.
because they have never rushed to help me in the past i was not going to tell them of the impending burning ha ha ha

and another thing the young chap i spoke too is going to get me a price on topping up my panasonic plasma when the gas runs out. i cant wait for that call?????
I'm sure there is an amusing book titled "I went to Dixons and......" somewhere within us all. Perhaps we could have a Dixons anecdote forum to collect them all. Reckon it could be a bestseller. :devil:

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