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I have the LG PX11. I'ts been fine for the past 12 months or so, but I've noticed that when the set is on 'orbiter' mode, a black 'gap' appears about a centimetre wide on the left side of the screen. Could be a fault, I think.

Now I've read on various threads that this particular set is a bugger to get repaired because of a lack of LG parts.

I purchased Dixons extended warranty, so i'll be covered. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of making a claim with them, ie was the set repaired, how long it took, did they eventually replace the set (and if they did was it with the same model, poss refurb'd unit, or vouchers to the cost of).

Your help is gratefully required.


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Orbiter mode is a feature built into these sets to help prevent screen burn. It basically shifts the whole image around by a few pixels over a certain length of time, ensuring there are no still images that may cause burn. If you watch carefully for a long time the line will probably become wider and then thinner again. If this annoys you just switch it off and make sure yourself that you don't have anything on the screen that might cause a burn.

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