DivX/Xvid on PS3 - Please Help!


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Hope someone can help me, pulling my hair out over this.

Tried Streaming my movies using TVersity through PS3 onto 40" Samsung 1080p tv via an HDMI lead. It played, but every few seconds the audio became glitchy.

Thought, it might be the router, so connected an external hard drive to ps3, and again all the films played were glitchy.

Finally burned the Divx/Xvids to disc and played them on PS3 and again the audio was glitchy.

Is it likely there is a problem with my firmware update, or is there settings I need to alter on the PS3, or is the problem with all my DivX films.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


I gather that they play fine on the PC?

Ive found one video file which I have that plays fine on my PC but is out of sync when I play it on my PS3, via streaming and from the hard drive. Yet to find a resolution to this.


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Yes they play fine on my PC.

Might just be a dodgy HDMI cable or something to do with the settings of the TV. Sure is annoying though. Would be amazing if it worked!


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I'll try that in the morning, see how it goes. No doubt I'll be back asking for more suggestions.


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