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My Medion divx dvd player recently died after 9 months of loyal service (trapping my Bourne Supremacy Region 3 : ( , so im looking for a replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions, i need Yuv prog scan output and optical sound output. Currently being suggested are Tosh SD340, JVC XVNP10 and Tangent D400.



Philips DVP720SA for £85 from Pixmania looks good value


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If your looking for a cheap player, the Cello DVD-8105 from Sainsburys is good value at £35. Plays Divx/Xvid etc. It is DTS as well, even though it doesn't say it on the box.


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I suspect you mean it simply passes whatever encoded audio it extracts from the MEPG stream out via S/PDIF, for that price it can't have a DTS decoder, surely?


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It doesn't have a DTS decoder as far as I am aware. The manual does say DTS/AC3 5.1 decoder but I don't know. It does have a DD 5.1 decoder. If you select DTS on the DVD, then it lights up DTS on the front of the player. I have mine running through my receiver.

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