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This looks interesting. For a one off payment of $19.95 you get a lifetime subscription to their downloads.

Has anyone done it? If so, any good?

There a lot of films out there I'd download to watch on some lazy day, but wouldn't bother going to rent or they're just not on Sky at the time.

Seeing as you pay, surely it's not contributing to piracy etc etc etc?

Failing the Divx site being any good, any recommendations for any others where I can download good quality, legitimate films from?

Link -



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Sadly it's pirate city mate. Downloads of straight dvd rips on there as well which can be burnt to a dvd. Paying money to them is no different than paying some dodgy bloke down the market for a copied dvd.

Don't know of any legit download sites, in fact I'm pretty sure there aren't any as of yet (well apart from ones offering what are basically student films).

General Skanky

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That's a shame.

You'd have thought there would be a legit site by now.

Apple? Up and running with msic, why not movies?:(


Plenty of legitimate sites in America where you can watch streaming films on a pay per view basis, unfortunately they are not available over here at the moment.

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