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Hi when I play back divx movies (in my videos) in Media Centre it does let me fast forward or rewind. Also sometimes it stops responding to pause or stop, requiring me to 'End Task' the Media Center.

Any idea why I have this issues and how I can solve it? I downloaded the latest divx codec but nothing changed.
Do you mean it doesn't let you ffwd or rewind - this is normal, mce does not let you navigate .avi files in that way, you can just skip back and forth in increments. Not sure about your other issue though, sounds like a codec or driver problem.

I would check that you have the latest mce approved driver for your graphics card, and be very careful about what codecs you install, if you install and uninstall a lot you may leave fragments behind that cause problems. I always used to use the latest xvid codec to decode all divx/xvid, never had problems with that, now I use ffdshow which works equally well, and the post processing definitely enhances the quality of the video playback.
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