Divx streaming Aspect ratio changing


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Hi All,

Finally got the xbox networked up to my home pc. There are a number of divx files i want to play on the big screen via the xbox. When they are playing they start off correct in the 'Auto' aspect with a proper widescreen format, but then after a few minutes it automatically jumps to fullscreen and the aspects are all wrong. You can go back in and change it...but a few minutes later it jumps back again. Ive changed it to letterbox but that doesnt work right either, normally leaving only a smaller black line at the bottom of the screen and the aspect still wrong.

Anyone help?



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Anybody help? :thumbsup:

cheers guys

Is your display set to Auto (As opposed to 16:9 or 4:3)?
Just thinking it could be compensating for the weird input from the xbox....


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Yeah, it does sound like your TV is auto adjusting the image.
Try forcing the TV into 16:9 mode and then play the divx files. Let us know if it still happens

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