DivX ripping and settings


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Anyone got any recommendations for ripping DVD's to DivX files? I want to rip my kids' DVDs onto a disk server at the maximum resolution possible. I' have been ripping using the latest DivX Pro Codec, but there are so many settings I could adjust and I'm not sure what effect they have on the rip.


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Im not too sure about good DivX settings but I recently backed up my DVD collection onto hardrive for easy access via my xbox. I found the easiest programme to use that gave excllent results was AutoGK.

It uses either XviD (my preference) or DivX. For more information or to download it check out www.doom9.org and look at the Gordian Knot develpment section in the forum.

I have had nothing but excellent results from a simple point and click interace.
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