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DivX AVI's too bright from PICvideo captures

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by steve1138, May 31, 2004.

  1. steve1138

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    May 31, 2004
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    I capture on my HCPC from the Sky+ box using the PICvideo codec at quality 19. (I do this to save space... HuffYUV is s'posed to be best... but I can't afford the space... and in any case, when capturing from UKGold or UKDocumentaries, the PICVideo is good enough).
    Then I use VirtualDubMod (from GordionKnot pack) to convert to DivX 5 AVI.
    Capturing with the Pinnacle sat TV card (8x8 chip) which was calibrated with DScaler some time ago. (The captured AVI's playback just fine...).

    BUT - The final DivX AVI files are too bright and I have to reduce the playback brightness in the player.

    MPG files from BBC FTA recorded direct to the HCPC with the Pinnacle PCTV Sat card and then converted to DivX 5 AVI DO NOT SHOW the same effect... they turn out fine. (This is the clue).
    And - playing back the initial Capture AVI files (PICvid codec) are ALSO FINE.
    (the other clue).

    With some experimentation between HuffYUV and PICVideo (for the analogue capture) I found that the brightness problem in the final AVI ONLY OCCURS with the PICVideo codec used for capture. Also tried using XviD encoding and same things happen as with DivX, when I use PICVideo for capture.
    With HuffYUV capture the resultant DivX AVI is FINE.
    As an interim solution I am using the VirtualDub "Levels" filter with the Input value changed from 0 to 14 (to restore final brightness & contrast), on anything captured from analogue.

    So - it seems to be smthg to do with the conversion to DivX from a PICVideo encoded capture file, occurring maybe between the decoding of the PICvideo capture file and the encoding to DivX (or XviD).
    (rem. HuffYUV capture and MPEG2 DVB input files don't do it).

    Any ideas ? or do I just keep using the Levels filter in VD (thereby slowing down the job, no doubt).


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