Divorcing my Sagem HD-56B :?



I've praised the set and now I am thinking about leaving her.

From day 1 I have stated that the Sagem is "a noisy beast" in the sense that there is ALOT of noise on the screen from any source.

The Brightness is also getting on my nerves also, at least 4-5 times throught out a TV show the Brightness will adjust itself to suit the TV's own Ghost in the Machine liking.

I've met someone else - someone I've long been acquainted with but have kinda forgotten - my old Philips 28 Inch Pixel Plus CRT - I plugged it in last night for old times sake and WOW - I forgot how good a REAL Tv can look - my taste has been sullened with the Noise and Brightness issues of the HD-D56B and I truly was amazed by the clean cut pictures my old CRT can produce, NO brightness issues during the entire show and the on board speakers on the CRT was better than the on board speakers of my soon to be ex-56B.

I've contacted a Relationships Expert - the Sagem engineers - to book an appointment - perhaps Mr. Gorman can reinvigorate my one night stand with the 56B - the size is certainly impressive enough, but I hope he can fix all the problems away!
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