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    Here is a way to divide, for e.g. a 3 hr. film, which has been recorded on the HDD of a Sony HX900/1000, as a single title, over 2 DVD's.

    I have Sky+ so dividing a title is not much of a problem
    for me. However, for those without, this might just help them out.

    It is quite an unorthodox method, and you will probably
    only want to do it occasionally, if for instance, you have
    recorded your favourite epic onto HDD as one title and want to find a way of getting it onto 2 discs at HQ or HSP quality rather than the lower 3 hr. mode.

    For this you need to have a scart connector at hand if you are not already connected RGB. It will also be useful to have RF output of Sony HX900/1000 going to your TV and tune a spare channel to this. Additionally, you need good access to the back of your Sony DVD recorder. Also, before
    you start, make sure you have set L1 output to RGB and L3 input to RGB/Video in the setup pages.

    1. Insert blank DVD media in the HX900/1000 drive.
    2. Cue up the material you want to dub to DVD disc on your HDD.
    3. Switch to DVD. Make sure you have selected your rec. mode i.e. HQ, HSP, SP etc. Also switch input select to L3
    (scart input)
    4. Put DVD into record.
    5. Switch back to HDD.
    6. Now plug the scart L1 output of your Sony HX900/1000 into the scart L3 input of the Sony HX900/1000 located at the back of the machine.
    7. Press play so the material on the HDD you want to copy plays from where you cued it up in step 2.
    8. You can monitor what you're recording via the RF output
    of the Sony tuned to one of your TV channels.

    You can either let the DVD record until it's full up or stop it
    wherever you choose.

    For the second disk you can either repeat the above, except
    cue your title on the HDD to where you left off. Or you can
    restore your normal connections and just A - B erase the part of the title you have already copied and then dub the rest in the conventional way.

    Additionally, if you are using an edit friendly format, such as
    DVD-RW (VR mode), you can A - B erase any unwanted material at the beginning of your disk.

    Normally plugging an output of a piece of equipment to its
    input will create a feedback loop (I know all about this since
    I am a sound engineer). However, because of the inputs still being routed to the DVD side of the recorder whilst the HDD is playing, with the picture output of the HDD going straight to the scart, it is possible to do this without creating a feedback loop.

    The important step in preventing the feedback loop is the order of events outlined in steps 4, 5 & 6. It must be done
    in this order.

    As I mentioned, this is not something you will probably want
    the hassle of doing regularly. But, if you are tearing your hair out thinking of a way to split a film over two disks, using
    a high quality record mode, which you have previously recorded as one title on your HDD, then this can sort you out. Yes, you will be incurring an additional A/D encoding process, but if your original HDD recording was in HQ+ mode, I don't think you will have anything to complain about. Also it is worthwhile remembering that any settings in the "Video settings" like YNR, CNR, BNR, DVE etc. will be copied over. I think if these are set to the preset settings you'll be fine, or use whatever settings you like to watch it with.

    Panasonic, Toshiba and Pioneer owners may laugh at this,
    but it may just help a few Sony users out of an annoying

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