Diva CD 92 vs 7SE


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Hi all,

I just upgraded (via ebay) from Alpha 7SE to Diva CD92. I really felt drawn to try a model with the ring DAC and curious to see what the difference would be.

I really like it. Takes out brittleness, aggressiveness and some congestion and opens up a relaxed, mellow and more transparent soundstage in which subtleties shine through easier. It felt like a warm and sunny smile. That doesn't mean it can't deliver punch though.

Having said that, considering the 7SE now 7 years old it was a really good piece of kit, and is not shamed by the comparison. Anyone looking for a good place to start could do a lot worse.



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Interesting to hear of the comparison between the 7SE and the CD92. I've been considering replacing my 7SE, but the CD73 did not show any improvement (other than cosmetically) to make it worthwhile, and I'm not sure about buying a CD player 2nd hand.

Was your CD92 from a dealer, E-Bay or elsewhere?


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The CD92 is a very nice player indeed.

Since a couple of weeks I have a CD23T. The CD23T has the same ringDAC as the 92. Before i had a CD73T, and i was thinking about upgrading with a CD33 or CD36, but after listening to them, i didn't like the, to my opinion (subjective), slightly "digital" sound.

The CD23T sounds more musical and involving, to my opinion, then the newer Arcam FMJ players, thanks to the ringDAC i think.

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