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Above is a rough drawing of the planned distribution in my new home... I have only moved in last week and i am looking for some advice so I am ready for my sky hd install... all the wiring that is on the diagram is what is currently in place and I am assuming the green line represents the second in/out that is in my living room so i can use it to return the signal to distribution box(if this is not the case I can use some wiring that I cut last weekend that was in place for bedroom 1 so im not worried about this not returning to the loft)

i know sky wont go into the loft so I am guessing the will want to drill straight through to the living room, I am relatively ok with them doing this as it will go straight into the sky hd box then i can use the rf out to return the signal to an upgraded distribution box in the loft and then i can magic eye my sky from all my rooms in the house...

Does the diagram make sense or should I be thinking differently about the sky install?

What distribution box should i use in my loft? It needs an input for the tv ariel and one for the sky rf out! And of course 4x, possibly 5 in future if i manage to work out how to route to my kitchen! Currently its a simple 1 in, 6 out? unamplified... I want magic eye bypass also

cheers for all the help...


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Have you sorted this now ?

I would recommend the Global TV Link products. I would suggest the F180 for your size installation ( Use the F180 over the T180 as it uses superior F Connectors , Just my personal opinion mind )

I would also put the Aerial connection coming down from the loft into the RF Input on your Sky box then the RF2 Out back up the return into the F180's input , Then obviously the outputs off to all your TV's where you can have TVLink Magic Eye's , this will also distribute the Aerial signal aroung the house too so you can watch Terrestial TV as well as the Sky Distribution.

tvLINK - Products - tvLINK

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