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I need to get a TV signal into a fitted wardrobe what is holdin all my kit in me new house. The missus has had enuff holes and carpets up and so i need to do it with the infrastructure i have. Basically that leaves me the choice of running a UTP Cat5 through existing holes. Has anyone distributed TV over CAT5? Will it work or am i whistlin dixie?

Use baluns and CAT5 will be fine.
You can only run a single channel at a time over cat5e.

Basically the UHF Tv band is way out of the band CAT5e so we need to convert the signal down to a composite format before it is sent off to the tv locations.

If you are only feeding one chanel at a time to one or multiple screens this is fine, that alternatives are a centrally located freeview / sky box for each tv/screen, a switching matrix like Nexus (ww.avnex.co.uk) or wire using Cat7 rather than Cat5e which can pass the full UHF Tv band.
Thank you all.

While waiting for my BALUNS i have taken a "suck it and see" approach. I terminated the cable and connected to the antenna. Low and behold it works great. TV signal well strong enuff for freeview. I dont know what the BALUNS will do but i will give them a try since they are bought now.
A single CAT5e lead will take three component cables down it and would be my solution. Just rewiring a cat 5 I have done and it asking for problems. It CERTAINLY needs to be screened bare minimum and even then there are issues!!

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