Distributing Sat/Freeview/Analogue to multiple TVs


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Jun 12, 2010
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I currently use an SLX Gold to distribute Sky, Freeview and analogue to 5 TVs.

All TVs have dual tuners. So Freeview comes on the digi-tuner menu and Sky and Analogue come on the analogue menu.

I am thinking of replacing one of the TVs. However, I've noticed that the TVs I have looked at say they do not have dual tuners (no analogue).

Therefore, does this mean that I will not be able to send Sky to the new TV as i have no analogue tuner to find the signal?

Am I missing something or is this setup simply no longer supported?

For info, the external aerial plugs into Sky box, and the powered RF Out goes to the SLX gold. Other than the main TV, all other TVs receive their sky, analogue and freeview from the one coax from the Slx gold.

Thanks for any advice.
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Surely they must be plenty of TVs that still do analogue?
There may be. But none of the ones I have been interested in. (Panasonic Viera 42 inch or more <£600)
AFAIK most TVs still include an analogue tuner but the descriptions given on websites vary and be misleading or simply omit the fact that an analogue tuner is present

Quite often digging deep into the manufacturers site will give more detail

Did you any particular model(s) in mind?

EDIT: Page 16 of the user manual for the Panasonic TX-46G20B states on selection of functions:
"Freesat, DVB, Analogue, other sat"
but the actual spec listed would lead you to believe that it had no analogue tuner
The manual can be downloaded here
Support - Downloads - UK & Ireland


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Yes, I'd expect them just to take it for granted you knew there was an analogue tuner in them.
Great stuff fernandez. Must just be the websites not reporting correctly.

Thats a relief!

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