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distributing hdmi via cat5/6


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hi there i am aerial satellite engineer recently interested in distributing hdmi, namely around my home

i want to send my freesat hd pvr and xbox to 2 locations, with ir, bit unsure as the best way to do this
i have been looking at some of the hdmi transmitters and receivers and was wondering if it is possible to add receivers as and when and so on for example if i run cat 5 from transmitter to bedroom is it possible to add another bedroom to the system with the purchase of another receiver or would i have to change the transmitter

please help i have no product knowledge
any responses would be welcomed

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Joe Fernand

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Hello Tom

The majority of systems rely on a central ‘hub’ usually an HDMI Matrix when you can patch any Source to any Display.

The Matrix will have 2, 4 or more Outputs – some will be HDMI others HDMI + dual RJ45.

Where the Matrix has dual RJ45 out you then take a couple of CAT6 cables from the Matrix to each room/zone where you want to connect a TV and install an In-room Receiver on the end of the two CAT6 cables.

If the Matrix is HDMI you need to add an HDMI over Twisted pair Extender to each Output of the Matrix.

Very few systems use a daisy chain configuration as that would then limit you to a single source in all connected rooms/zones.

4x4 HDMI Ethernet Cat 5/6 Matrix switch. 3D ready. Route 4 HD video sources to 4 HD displays. Switch 256 combinations over HDMI or Cat 5/6 Ethernet cables



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Hi Tom,

The dongles don't daisy chain and HDMI splitters can be hit-or-miss. The proper way of doing this would be with a HDMI matrix with EDID emulation e.g. the VisionHD, Octava, Kramer or Extron ranges. This would sit at the source end and can (if properly chosen) be remotely controlled to send the desired signal to the desired location (e.g. xbox to bedroom, tv to conservatory).

How big is your home? Using reasonable quality HDMI cables you will be fine up to 10M and probably beyond. FWIW I would rather use a good 15m HDMI cable than 15m of CAT5/6 with cheap converters. Minimum quality for converters = £160/pair + IMHO.



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hi thanks for the response guys
i think the matrix sounds like the best idea, am inclined to use cat6 due to ease of installation not having to drill big holes etc thanks for the link joe i assume the prices given are quite competitive
however chris if i choose to use convertors and have the lounge tv position as my hub would it be ok to use a hdmi splitter and hdmi cat6 transmitter/ receiver obviously i want to keep the signal still in my lounge hence the splitter

Joe Fernand

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With a complex HDMI set-up the hidden 'purchase' is the Tech support you can expect from your hardware supplier - this varies enormously!

HDMI can be a complex beast and frustrates even the most experienced installer.

You can use a ‘splitter’ (Distribution Amp) plus extenders but you lose some of the extra features (such as Routed IR) on offer with the likes of the Octava ‘over twisted pair’ Matrix gear.



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ok thanks guys on payday shall be buying myself a matrix switch
on a different matter do you know of any websites, books than i can educate myself with?

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