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Hi, I have a small business and run a small office where we are going to have 4 TV's at various locations across the office. 2 x Cat 5/6 will be run from a central Comms room to each television point. I will have my Sky feed from the dish come into the Comms room and have a Sky HD box there.

Am I right in thinking to distribute this, I need something like a MM60-054-122202 from Multimedia. So a box that takes in the HDMI and has 4 x data cables out. Then a modulator thingy at the TV end to come back from data cable to HDMI and into each tv. Looks like I will only actually need to use one data cable but fine to have two there as I guess it gives me some future proofing, right?

Am I missing anything or not thinking straight?

Joe Fernand

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HDMI over CAT will deliver what you require - there are various 'extender' solutions you could employ.

The pre configured type unit you link to ought to work and is pretty cost effective - though no room for output expansion and a limited number of input devices.

The alternative is to go with a more modular system where you can add any number of Source and Display devices and additionally have Source devices placed anywhere around your office - these systems utilise 1 x TX device per Source, a Gigabit Network Switch as the Hub and 1 x RX device per display.

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Be wary of brightness, viewing angles, burn in, control, warranty... when contemplating using 'TV's' - dedicated 'digital signage' monitors are a better option.

Drop me a note if you require more information.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks so much for your reply, that is very useful and certainly food for thought. I will start to dig deeper into gigabit network switches. I appreciate 100% the versatility and future proofing that will bring but budget constraints do mean I may need to opt for a limited out of the box solution like I referred to for now :(

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