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First, if someone has already posted a similar question before please forgive me. I have browsed and searched the site before posting and have not found answers to all my queries. Second, I apologise in advance if it sounds long winded - but I am non-technical. No local "specialists" are interested in any solution that does not involve installing a new dish with multiple LNB's, loads of new cable and a number of FreeSat receivers!!

I have two areas of enquiry, so here goes.....

Background. After 10 years as a Sky subscriber we have terminated our contract. We are therefore left with a standard Sky set-up of a dish and (Panasonic) Digibox which obviously now only allows viewing of free-to-air satellite channels.
A number of years ago (when the kids were small!) I set up a simple system to allow a number of other TV's in the house to receive the satellite channel selected on the Sky box, as well as analogue terrestrial TV stations. I exploited the Digibox's TV aerial input and dual RF outlets to send RF signals from the regular aerial and output signals from the satellite tuner to a loft mounted distribution amp and thence to 4 other TV's. Crude but effective and has worked without fault.

Issue 1. We now wish to upgrade to a new main TV, a Freesat HD receiver/recorder and a BluRay player. My problem is that FreeSat and FreeSat HD receivers do not include regular TV aerial co-ax inputs and RF outputs - hence I will not be able to pipe signals round my existing system. However if I connect a separate RF Modulator to one of the SCART outputs of the FreeView box and take the co-ax output from this to my distribution amp, I think I should be able to continue to use my existing system whereby the chosen satellite channel is viewable by other TV's. Is this correct? To continue to distribute terrestrial channels as well, how may I get the regular TV aerial feed into the system? For example, do RF Modulators exist that allow co-ax aerial feed in as well as SCART input?

Issue 2. BUT with an RF Modulator in the system, will I still receive appropriate Freeview digital TV signals round my system if I replace one or two of the other TV's on the system (currently all with analogue tuners) with Freeview enabled TV's, or use Freeview set-top boxes? Finally, after digital switchover (in 2012) will I have to distribute signals differently? If so, how??!!

Any advice would be welcomed...!!!


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External modulators have rf in and out and usually scart and phono video inputs. They are designed to be chained together. eg the first one in the chain adds it's own analogue UHF TV channel created from it's video input on the channel to which you set it and passes this on with the uhf channels input. The next one in the chain picks up all the channels from the first plus its own extra analogue channel created from it's own video input. All you need to do is ensure that the modulator channels don't clash with each other and those from youe aerial. Have a look at this to get the idea.

4shared.com - photo sharing - download image FinalRFDigaram.jpg

This uses an external modulator with a freesat pvr and a sky box and shows channel nos suitable for Ridge Hill transmitter


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Many thanks Graham. Will your suggestion work once analogue signals are no longer transmitted?

It will work as long as you can get TV's with an analogue tuner or connect a device with an analogue tuner (eg vcr). All dso means is that the only analogue tv channels you can tune into are the ones created by your own modulator(s)

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