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Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Motopaki, Sep 4, 2004.

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    I am trying to distribute a single fixed radio programme channel from a Sky Panasonic digibox around a building overseas. We are not after high quality, not even stereo, but each room (similar to a hotel but it isn't) needs a small in-wall loudspeaker, with on/off vol. control. No channel changing required.

    Approaching audio firms we've had quotes for multi-thousand £ installations either using pre-amp/power amps, expensive cable and speakers or ethernet audio distribution (which looks interesting as we are installing broadband to each room, but not convinced it is worth the money and hassle with Cat5e for the audio application, plus future servicing problems abroad).

    What we want is simple, reliable, clear, reception; in fact an up-dated version of those crackly installations one used to find in ancient and tatty UK hotels.

    Using some ultra-low price powered computer speakers (i.e. sort of gear you find in Maplin's) in a test installation has been really successful, and approaching what we need. However, I need an audio professional to advise on cable, possible extra amplification, and to forecast possible useful life of such a basic bit of kit i.e. Maplin's is excellent value, but wouldn't count on this low-priced stuff lasting too long). I don't want to set something up which lasts a few months, and then we are going to be stuck with bits of junk to extract from the walls.

    The building is at first fix electrical/plumbing stage, so would be great to find a solution before closing walls and ceilings.

    Repeat: we are after a basic, low-cost, reliable installation. We don't want anything approaching hi-fi, there's no requirement. Who should we contact to get it right first time? Any ideas? Maybe the questions can be solved here.

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