Distributed Virgin V+ - Sound Loss on Channel Change


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I have recently had an installation completed (almost) in my home where a number of sources were distributed to a number of rooms via a Matrix Switcher and Cat5.

There were a whole raft of issues, which are slowly being sorted out, but the main one is that when you change channel on the V+ Box, the sound goes - or if you are watching for a while.

I have been told that it is a handshaking issue, and that I need to change the signal from one device to another to sort it out. This does work, but not very practical considering it happens if you pause, rewind etc. I haven't had a decent answer and wanted some independent views on this as the system wasn't cheap!

Has anybody had any experience of this issue, or had a similar set-up with now issues?

Matrix switch is CYP 4x4 1.3 - OR-HD44S

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Distributing HDMI can be tricky – no matter what kit you employ.

The audio signal is embedded into the video signal and the Sink device (your TV) receives a separate instruction to decode the audio.

If you’re on the edge of maintaining the Comms. channel that includes the instructions for the Sink you could try an HDMI Extender after the CAT5 Receiver – HDMI extender HDMI repeater. Extend HDMI DVI connection to 150ft



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I have to say I've only done one (basic) install with the newer Virgin boxes, so I'm speculatiing, but it could be a poor HDMI/HDCP implementation on the V+ box. An option would be to get a component+LR/optical to HDMI converter at the V+ end, or vice-versa at the tv end!



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Thanks for the responses guys - I will look into both of them and see what comes up. I do think the old V+ box is pretty poor for a whole variety of reasons, so might look into this.

I think it might be more than this as it seems to sometimes happen on Blu-Rays/DVDs.

Will let you know how this pans out as it has been a bit of a nightmare!

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