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Good morning all,

I hope I will get some replies in here.

my system is:

LG Oled CX TV passthrough sound enabled via earc into my soundbar Samsung Q800T on adaptive mode.

my satellite dish is connected directly to tv for Freesat.

I am having metallic sound distortion effects on mainly from Channel 5HD, BBC HD live tennis and some more HD channels.

this can be fixed if I change output from my tv to PCM however I loose Atmos from other sources and sound goes a bit quieter in general if I do this.

is there any fix for this issue or do I need a separate box for freesat?

Is freeview via aerial any better? I don’t have one so I can’t try it..


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Some HD programmes and channels are in DD 5.1, most are in DD 2.0.

C5 HD flags all programmes as 5.1 although most (or perhaps any?) are not true 5.1 material (it's a C5 error, on Freeview it's always stereo).

ITV HD is DD 2.0 only on both Freeview and Freesat.

BBC is the main broadcaster to use both 5.1 and 2.0 - but only on some programmes:
Wimbledon and the Euro Sports on BBC (along with most Films and a few Dramas and Planet Earth wildlife types) will be in 5.1 although most other programmes will be 2.0

Channel 4 isn't HD on freesat - but is free to air so if you get that version they also have Films and some Drama type programmes with 5.1 sound.

This sound to me like a issue with the soundbar and DD 5.1 Forcing the TV to output stereo PCM fixing it.
Try alternative setting to 'adaptive' (whatever that is) - as I suspect it may be messing with the mix as intended by the producers.

{Note that the producer for Wimbledon is Wimbledon not the BBC, and similarly for the football.}

With C5 I'd agree that their always in 5.1 sound is 'odd'. I mostly watch stuff via my TV speakers; only choosing my AVR system with proper surround speakers for suitable programmes that will benefit.

BBC 5.1 stuff is usually good (although Sports crowd noise is always very 'toppy' due to the nature of applause).


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Thanks for your reply.

I tried standard mode on the soundbar and got rid of the robotic effect. This is much quieter than adaptive and I will try to play with the equaliser settings and see if I can make it a bit more vibrant like the adaptive one. Sound is bad from tv speakers too in general that’s why I got this soundbar following richersounds recommendation.

i have kept it on adaptive all the time since I never used freesat, this problem does not egzist from any other apps on my tv or streaming from my nvidia shield from different sd/hd/4K content. I only noticed it now with these freesat tv channels


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Look for 'per input' settings that you can adjust on the TV for the freesat tuner and make different to the (various) Apps inputs.

Not all features may be available on all TVs though. (Just checked my GT60 and the same sound mode is set for Freeview and freesat tuners, but I can set a different one for iPlayer app cf the tuners.


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QuestHD on Freesat is in forced 5.1 too, and like C5HD, sounds wrong. Just why the faux 5.1 decoding can’t be switched off is beyond me. I asked C5 about it and they basically told me that they knew about it, but couldn’t be arsed to do anything about it.

It might be worth trying a Freesat box connected to the soundbar, if only to help identify where the problem lies. My money is on the soundbar, based on what I’ve read here, perhaps not setup correctly. Happy to be proved wrong!


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I tried an enigma box yesterday vuzero 4K directly hooked up to the soundbar and the bad sound was still there if left on passthrough. Good thing is that the default sound options ac3 and aac downmix were on, I also selected multi pcm on/off but couldn’t notice any changes. As it stands I’ll leave it like this for the moment as I don’t have another soundbar to test with passthrough on.

if someone else can test this for me with their soundbars and post results I’ll be grateful. If my soundbar is the problem and I can prove it I can exchange it for any other working one or a different working model with richer sounds as it’s still under the first years warranty plus I have another 5 years extra on top..


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I doubt it's faulty as such - just that it is mangling the audio in this Artificial Intelligence-induced setting 'cos the AI is being stupid?

AC3 is aka Dolby Digital.
Freeview HD is transmitted as HE-AAC but is mandated to be transcoded to AC3/DD.
Multi PCM from a 5.1 stream would be decoded by the Enigma box rather than the soundbar but should give identical results...
and the TV will still in AI mode be telling the bar to mangle the audio.

Other soundbars from other makers will be unlikely to talk to the TV AI so could well sound better, mostly (faux 5.1 signal broadcasters notwithstanding).

Talk to your Richer store manager / staff about this problem?
Arrange a demo with the TV and your soundbar model plus a couple of alternatives? {If they have suitable stock to set it all up in their demo room.} Ideally with freesat as a source, but Freeview should be the same (except C5 is stereo only).

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