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Nov 18, 2002
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Hi Guys,

Planning to build a custom AT screen using Filmex but I'm not sure if the size I want to use (80" diagonal) is enough to put all of the speakers behind the screen.

I'm going to be using 3 Monitor Audio WT240-LCR in wall speakers. They are about 18cm wide when positioned vertically so this would mean the space between each of them would be about 62cm, if I put the L & R to the very edges of the viewing area. I'll be seated about 2.5m from the screen.

Is that enough space between them or should I move the L & R outside of the screen viewing area?

Apologies if this is not in the right forum!

It's a combination of room size, the projector I plan on buying (Epson 5300) and approval from the Mrs :smashin:.

I could probably go to 88" but it would be tight on the throw distance of that projector once I've taken into account the depth of the projector.
Ok. I'd probably go with the LR outside the screen if possible. Have seen and heard set ups with the LCR relatively close together with no issues.
Yea I could fit them outside of the screen, was just trying to keep things hidden if possible.

Is there a recommended distance between the front 3 speakers? As I said I'm sitting about 2.5 meters from the screen.
The general recommendation is that left and right speakers should for an equilateral triangle with your listening position so around 2.5 meters apart and then the centre slap bang in the middle. However I sit 3m from my speakers that are 2.3m apart and have had absolutely no issues whatsoever. Personally I think the speakers just inside the 88" screen would work perfectly and give you the added benefit of hidden speakers!
It's a combination of room size, the projector I plan on buying (Epson 5300) and approval from the Mrs :smashin:.

I suspect you can't change the room size, though presumably the other two factors can be addressed with a simple divorce and change of projector.

When I researched to death the recommended distances and angles the conclusion was that with a 16:9 aspect ratio screen the speakers should be outside the screen and with a scope 2.4 screen just inside - you're balancing viewing angle/distance on the hand and the audio on the other. There's some nice examples on the Dolby site.

5.1 Speaker Setup Guide

And there was a write up on avforums about viewing distance:
TV Viewing Distance Guide
Thanks for all the input guys, will have a play around with spacing once the speakers arrive.

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