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I've been reading all the posts regarding aerials for the past two days now.
I do need to ask a question. I live in the UB8 2HL location, it is a bout 30 km from Crystal Palace. Is this considered far or close to the transmitter?
I am looking for some sort of compact external aerial ( I tried indoor one but it hardly picks up analog, nevermind freeview, even with booster).
Since this is a rented room I cannot put the aerial on the top. The only solution for me is to put one on the top of the garage which is significantly lower than rooftop. The garage is between two houses, so probably not a best place.
I am looking for a general advice. Will this work? What aerial should I use?
I get no reception from the inside of the garage with indoor aerial, so putting one on the rooftop would make a difference?
ANy help greatly appreciated,


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Too many possible variables for a concrete answer but:

- building materials absorb radio waves, so outside is bound to be better
- for the same reason, higher is also better.

For Crystal Palace you should use a group A aerial (and NOT a wideband one). This table:
shows results for your postcode and an aerial height of 3 metres (which I guess might be about garage roof height. It also gives you the correct compass bearing.


Thank you for your answer LV246.
I went to Maplin on Friday and bought this:

I thought I would give it a try even though it was not A type,and if it would not work I would bring it back.
I mounted it above 4 metres of the ground, between two houses. The aerial points into the wall of another, so possibly not perfect arrangement.
However the reception is great. All the channels, crystal clear.
So I can recommend this aerial. At least it worked for me.


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Yes it should be fine. In fact if you were a little closer to Crystal Palace, Wolfbane would have recommended a log-periodic anyway.

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