Displayport and HDMI Audio Issues


I've always had my PC connected with a DVI-HDMI cable from my Geforce 1650 gfx card to my LG monitor, and then HDMI cable from gfx card to my Denon 3200.

This worked fine to use the monitor as the primary display with audio to the receiver, and my LG OLED TV as an occasional secondary display.

I bought a displayport cable to replace the DVI-HDMI and now it doesn't work properly.

When I turn on my PC I see the bios screen as normal on my monitor, but when windows loads the monitor display goes blank.

When I turn on the TV then the display is restored to the monitor, I log into windows and can either extend the display to the TV or clone the display. But the issue is I don't want to leave the TV on.

As soon as I turn TV off then the monitor display "resets" as if it is now the secondary display - all the open programs, quick launch and systray icons disappear and it's as if the monitor/TV have swapped positions.

Turn TV back on again and it gets restored to how I want it - Monitor as primary display.

I tried using the integrated intel graphics with the geforce - the HDMI cable from intel gfx to receiver and had exactly the same issue.

Has anyone else had a similar problem and is it a Denon setting maybe?


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Most likely the internal monitor priority has gotten screwed up, not sure how to fix that. In nvidia control panel I think you can set priority.

Try using something like display fusion and see if it can resolve it, create profiles for the type of multi display scenarios you want.


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only just seen this post....have you bought a 4K displayport to hdmi adapter....if its 1080p....you will get these problems....so buy a 4k adapter.

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