Displaying dates/times on converted videos..


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On traditional tape based cameras you could switch on the date/time briefly while recording and this was a part of the final video. With digital cameras I assume this is now a part of the digital file? Can you make this info come up as part of the final video when you want it to? Have a Panny SD100 (with the HD Writer 2.6 software). If not with this set up what about with other software?


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Tape based cameras were not all he same( MiniDv tapes also have SD an HDV digital files recorded to them ) . They have the date time "stamp" ( called timecode)
This liek Exif on tll images is meta data which is not normally visible during playback athouth some utilities can make it so
Im not as sure if the HDD/ SD card based digital models have this metadata the way the tape based ones do
If they do, trying to get it to display may not be straightfoward
I know it has been asked here before , search might be your friend
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