Displaying 768p via an AV Receiver to HD Flat panel


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Simple question, has any one done it?

I currently have a PC connected directly to a Pioneer plasma (via analogue VGA) displaying 1280x768.

I would like to hear from anyone who has managed to connect their computer via an AV Receiver which support HDMI switching with or without upscaling. All the AV receiver specs/docs talk about 720p and 1080i but never the native flat screen resolution which is often a computer orientated 768 lines. Can it be done.....



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hmm...not sure about that, sadly my 3803 only does 576p :(

i would have thought it probably could.....simply because most panels are 768 rather than 720....those that are 720 often are 768 with the extra lines masked as it were....think this happens more in PJ's....

altho you might have problems switching from the PC side of things...sometimes the PC itself wont recognise a switching device as a valid monitor output.....my PC wouldnt recognise my PJ using a DVI-HDMI adaptor via a HDMI lead to an M1-DA adaptor (Infocus digital port)....i'm guessing this was the reason.....however direct VGA-VGA was fine, and i gather other folks have no problems with DVI-M1DA directly....

but be interesting to see if anyone else knows...


i am currently viewing my pc through my sony str-dg700 amp at 1360x7678 at 60 Hz. I cant howver switch to a component input on the amp then back again to the pc.
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