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hello all,

I'm going to get a fixed screen soon and I just remembered something I think is a bit odd..
I have a panasonic pj - ae700 - and I've noticed that sometimes the size of image changes, most notably when you have a dvd and you watch the trailers and it goes to the main film. I've noticed because I have a small area at the moment to beam the image onto and sometimes the imagine fills the size and sometimes is goes over the edges!

So, if I get a screen, what is the best thing to go for to stop this happening? I want just under a 2m width from about 10ft away and I don't want to have gaps top and bottom when I watch different things on the same dvd!

does anyone else have this problem??

or am I seeing things and mad?




Does the pj report a different resolution when this happens? I have noticed that some trailers are 480, then the main feature is 576. My HD72i shows that it has detected a different resolution, but the picture size does not alter. Maybe your pj is upscaling 480 and 576 slightly differently.


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You do tend to notice this more with PJs because often they don't overscan to take out such minor discrepancies in Aspect Ratio. Also, it's often more noticable with HDMI/DVI whereas with component overscan is employed.

From the purist standpoint a 1.85:1 DVD should have narrow gaps top/bottom on a 16:9 screen.

I sometimes resort to adjusting the zoom and/or optical lens shift to line up the pic perfectly though I just accept the hopping about with trailers etc.

Black borders are essential to "nip off" unwanted bits.

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