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Display problem


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K guys, looking for a bit of help here....

a few day ago i started getting a problem with me pc, i have started to intermittently get pinstripes on my screen...

To the best of my knowledge I haven't added any software in the last few days so i'm a bit baffled. I have taken out my graphics card switched its pci slot and given it a dusting. That seems to make no difference.... I currently have the resolution at 1280*720 to suit my monitor and have tried changing it and it doesn't make a difference...

As stated the problem is intermittent, sometimes the stripes are there, sometimes there not, sometimes the dont cover the whole screen, and sometimes they do. Tried to attach a pic of what it looked like but, the lines dont show up on a screen print... (will attach a photo when the problem occurs again...

If any one has any ideas to fix the problem i would appreciate it.




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sounds like the graphics card. does it appear on the bios Screen?


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doesn't appear on the windows logo, when there is the loading bar... only starts to appear when the initial profile section/loggin screen appears, somtimes it'll go away (as if when it warms up) but then it will come back....


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That sounds like corrupt video memory. If you have it overclocked, set the speed back to default, if that doesn't help, maybe time for new VGA card.


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I doubt i have it overclocked as i dont know how to do it...

anywayz here are pics of what it looks like...

Also using dvi to get the picture, would really hope i dont have to buy a new video card!!!

Annoying or what!!!:mad:


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Monty Burns

Well-known Member
Ouch - that sucks

the only time i've ever seen anything like that was an old GeForce 2 card that was on its way out (it wanted to rest its cotton socks, bless it).

Although I also got that on the bios/boot screens as well.

Can you swap cards with a friend for a day or two?


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Nick25 said:
What is the temperature of the card?
How on earth do i find that out???

really starting to look as if my video card is on the way out.... :mad:

Speaking to friends of mine the reakon that's what it is... will be getting a loan of a card towards the end of the week:cool:

The card is a ATI radean 9700 pro BTW....


The question about the temperature is a good one, most decent graphics cards can give you the temperature reading in some tool supplied. If you've got the pc in a confined space with very little airflow, the card may have run too hot for too long and fell over.


Active Member
hughesy - just a thought, but could it be the monitor having the problem ?

Do you have another monitor to see if the pinstripes appear on this ?

Suggest you also check that the fan on the gfx card is working ok.
I had an ATI 9600 which game me problems, turned out the fan had stopped working.




Active Member
1st of all i want to say a big thanks to everyone who shared there thoughts on how to fix this...:thumbsup:

Unfortunetly the problem is the monitor....

Dont know how on earth this happens to the monitor but after using alternate gfx cards and cables with the same problem occuring it has to be the monitor...

Once i found this out the 1st thing i thought was receipt... guess what 12.02.2005:eek:

Shouldn't really be a real problem though as it was bought in currys and i work there!! if anyone wants to know its a thomson 27lcdb03b...

well its fingers crossed for me getting a new monitor and big thanks again to ye:smashin:

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